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We take ideas to action

A first-of-its-kind social impact ecosystem. The creative and impact economy in action, driven by communities and agents of change.


The vision behind the Fedelez Lainco Ecosystem is to strengthen the role of organizations, groups and independent efforts to achieve a fair, inclusive, sustainable and democratic global development. We do it by rethinking the way we do things on a day-to-day basis, at work or in your company or organization.

We are a social company. We offer our creative and strategic business management and consulting services to people, organizations, companies and any other client who are or want to be more socially driven. At the same time, we devise and manage projects in education, leadership and community development; generating a footprint of high social impact throughout the Latin American region.

We want to change global standards and work culture, focusing on people, creativity, sustainability and impact, rather than just profit.

Virtual Summit

Join open access masterclass sessions and workshops with specialists. Every year we ask:

What are the development challenges of Latin America and what are our individual and collective roles?

Social Branch

Our development strategy through alternative education and civic engagement.  We mobilize communities and agents of change through initiatives and programs that nurture the leaders and workers of the future.

Business Branch

Our creative services, strategic business management and specialized consulting for clients and brands with a social vocation. It supports the financing, operations, and development of Lainco's programming and initiatives.

We believe in Latin America and recognize its potential as a center for the creative and collaborative economy.









The vision behind Lainco (Latin America Interconnected) was born on the UWC Costa Rica campus, in 2016. Since then, we have been devising and refining our strategic direction, our objectives and methodologies, based on research and open accessibility.

Based on collaboration and representation

We coordinate educational, leadership and community development programs; and identify young leaders and emerging professionals who maintain the movement for a culture of impact through initiatives. We call them our ambassadors and leaders.


Through Lainco we also organize  Deciding Our Future,  our Latin American virtual summit where we open an intergenerational conversation throughout the region on development challenges.

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Lainco Brief
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Our ecosystem helps create alternatives that nurture the conditions for better socio-political and economic conditions in Latin America. Our vision of development is collaborative, representative, intersectional and restorative.

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Through Fedelez we offer an alternative that promotes social entrepreneurship compared to traditional management. We seek to transform companies, communities and people into mechanisms and agents of global change.

We envision a future where organizations, private investment, and independent initiatives can make a greater impact, lift people up, and advance communities by rethinking the way we work.

Change to a culture of impact! Start making an impact with us, through our  creative, consulting and strategic project management services. We specialize in clients and brands with a social vocation.

Our services support the financing, operations and development of Lainco programs and initiatives.

Fedelez Brief
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